Allganized’s mission is to leave our clients with an irrevocably positive impression; your event will be the talk of the town for the foreseeable future! We are known for our passion and dedication when it comes to organising and hosting our events. Based on your wishes and budget, we develop elaborate event concepts. Let our organisational skills and talents leave you completely unburdened when it comes to your event; there’s nothing we cannot do! 

Our name is Allganized for a reason: we will take care of every single aspect of your event. Our strengths come from our typically Rotterdam no-nonsense mentality, our thorough understanding of logistics, and our solid network of suppliers. 

This allows us to effortlessly organise the kick-off of your campaign, the grand opening of your new property, a spectacular office party, or even an entire company festival. We will take care of everything, such as the invitations, transport, meticulous event styling, scrumptious foods, swinging music and entertainment. We’ll make you feel like a guest at your own event! 

Company party

Have a grand time together with your colleagues at your company party? We’ll take care of that for you! We will make it our mission to find the perfect location for the event, or we’ll turn your company property into a proper party location. We’ll make sure you’ll have the most delicious foods, amazing decoration, and the best artists available. We’ll have reached our goal when people are enjoying themselves so much they don’t want to leave! 

Business drinks

There’s never a reason not to have a drink: to toast the start of a new year, during the yearly office Christmas party, to celebrate a milestone that’s been reached, while showing a new business associate around your property, or to celebrate a loved jubilarian! We have all the right tools to turn your property – whether that’s indoors or outdoors – the perfect location to have the perfect celebration.

Games and sports days

Have you always wanted to play a match in the Feyenoord football stadium in Rotterdam? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try tightrope walking like a proper circus performer? Let us organise the perfect company games and/or sports day and be assured of an amazing day full of activities! Of course, we’ll take into account every person’s sportive levels so everyone can have an amazing team day. 

Relations event

Hosting an event for your business relations presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen those ties. Surprise your customers with special or sportive incentives, a drink at your company’s location, or an experience using your company’s product or service. We will help you set up an inspiring programme and help you host your relations event from start to finis

Property event

Project developers, realtors and property management bureaus all know to find Allganized when they need a groundbreaking ceremony, residents meetings, the start of a sales event, or a grand opening event organised. We will turn your construction site into a smart event location and we’ll take care of everything that’s needed to turn your exhibition into a great success. 

Opening event

Every opening event needs a spectacular opening event! We’ll turn every launch or opening into a impressive and memorable moment for both the commercial and the consumer markets. From start to finish; from invitations to the grand opening itself, we’ll deliver the ultimate experience. Your launch or grand opening will be one for the ages! 

Exhibition participation

To organise stands at an exhibition is an art in itself and takes a lot of time. We’ll completely unburden you by taking care of stand construction, exhibition promotion, catering and hostesses. Turn your exhibition into a success by allowing us to let you focus on what you are good at: selling your product or service! 


Would you like scrumptious foods and amazing drinks at your event? Using food trucks, bars, a buffet or a served dinner: from local Dutch cuisine to elegant dinner, a Summer barbecue to a live cooking event. From a cold beer to the trendiest cocktails, a champagne tower or coffee booths; we can take care of it all, including well-trained, professional staff! 


We take care of stunning experiences on festivals and events. We’ll organise hilarious performances, the greatest photobooths with fitting props, arts and crafts events for children, and even complete theme days in shopping centres. From karaoke to a casino, salsa dancing to juggling: leave today’s entertainment to Allganized!