Allganized takes care of the creation, organisation, and execution of brand activation. We develop complete brand campaigns, we take care of the availability of the needed resources, and we utilise our own trained field team for execution on site.

We are known for our hands-on approach and eye for detail. Together with you we set realistic goals beforehand and take the entire project off your hands. We will find the perfect locations, apply for the needed permits, acquire the needed resources and develop a logistical plan for the project. You will be able to stay in touch with your own personal projectmanager and you will receive informative daily updates on your project. We are available 24/7 and able to quickly shift gears when needed.

We will make sure the right people are put on the job who will be able to connect with your target group. Our brand ambassadors are known for their fresh appearance, enthusiasm, professionalism, and their big smile!

Behavourial change

A public campaign to stimulate or discourage certain behaviour in people. For government agencies our public campaigns are a particularly effective method to contribute to, for example, decreasing litter in a region or decrease congestion due to traffic.


Sampling is a personal way of introducing your product to the consumer. Put your product in the spotlight and let the general public meet your brand! We will take care of suitable sampling locations, logistics, and motivated sampling teams.


We organise campaigns to stimulate healthy or socially responsible behaviour with the goal to show the general public an easily accessible way to live more sustainable lives. Examples of this would be promoting public transit or the use of electric vehicles.

Road shows

To reach your target audience, we will travel the country with notable promotional tools. We will create a concept, and take care of permits, locations, transport, and promotional tools. We will create the most spectacular eye-catchers which will, together with an enthusiastic team of promoters, create the maximum amount of exposure for your brand or product.

Promo on public transit stations

Would you like to reach tens of thousands of people a day? Brand activations with the biggest reach are done on public transit stations. We will take care of all the needed promotional materials, permits, and your very own motivated team of promoters. Have commuters taste-test your product or have them partake in a lottery or competition; it will be a guaranteed sucess!

Mobile billboards

With the help of this mobile way of brand activation, you will be able to quickly reach a large audience. Would you like to show your brand all over town? Then our mobile billboard are the promotional tool for you! Promote your brand or product using promobikes, mobile sandwich boards, cargo bike promotions, backpack promotions, or promotional lorries. Using a mobile podium, your brand is sure to stand out!


The promotruck has become an integral part of the street scene! Make sure your brand truly stands out and use a promotruck to promote your product in your very own promotional campaign style. The promotrucks can be used for tastings, flyer events, samplings, photographical promotion, and information campaigns.

Shopping centre promotions

We will develop entire year plans and individual activations to captivate, bind, and reward your shoppers. A gift wrapping stand during the holidays, a flower stand during Valentine’s Day, or a spectacular competition with prizes for shoppers in your shopping centre? We will make sure your shoppers will be walking around your shopping centre with an ear-to-ear smile!

Data collection

Would you like to get in touch with target audience more often? You might want to try data collection, like gathering email addresses, doing surveys or censuses. We will send out our teams to events, public transit hubs, shopping centres, or a location designated by you.

Public Transport projects

We are the specialist when it comes to promoting the use of public transport and informing and referring commuters where they need to go. Our promoters inform travellers about ongoing construction projects and the best way they can continue their journey. Since 2006, we took care of promotional events for RET, HTM, the NS, and many more.

Sales promotion

Would you like to promote and sell your products at the same time? Use our sales promoters to give your sales a boost! Our sales team will happily promote your product in supermarkets and shops, but also during festivals and other major events.

Photo marketing

The perfect marketing tool to use at your exhibition stand or event is photo marketing. Photo marketing works because people won’t quickly discard a photo! We will make sure you will have a photo team, whether that’s a mobile one or situated on a location.The photographs will be printed and/or placed online, fully provided with your logo and promotional message.


Allow your target group to try your product and they’ll be convinced in no time! Our demonstrators are trained beforehand to know all the ins and outs of your product. Product demonstrations can be set up throughout all of the Netherlands in locations like supermarkets and wholesalers. To taste is to believe!

Flyer promotions

Flyers are the perfect promotional tool to promote a product using concise messaging. Our promoters don’t just hand out flyers, they also seek out and engage with your target audience. We make sure the right message is send throughout an expansive area through out flyer promotions. Flyer promotions combine perfectly with mobile billboards for maximum


No one likes waiting. We came up wit the concept of ‘wachtverzachters’ (‘ queue softeners’, literally translated) to decrease the bother of having to queue. ‘Wachtverzachters’ are served from our aircraft trolleys, wagons, cargo bikes, or vending trays, which can be stickered to feature your logo or message.

- Sven Noordhoek, Nedvang -
Organising even the smallest event takes a lot of planning, knowledge, manpower, and persistence! Do you know how reassuring it feels to be able to put your project in the capable hands of an organisation that will take care of everything?
- Gert-Jan Polling, Tele2 -
Allganized is available to set up your event for success! For years, they have taken care of our needs and wants and made us feel like we were a guest at our own event. Everything was taken care of!
- Freek van ’t Hoff, RET -
The RET aims for nothing less than perfection when it comes to organising their public transport, and Allganized perfectly aware of this. Every single time we hire Allganized, we know our projects will be ‘Allganized’ with a 100% enthusiasm and commitment.
- Carola Warnders, ADP -
Organising even the smallest event takes a lot of planning, knowledge, manpower, and persistence! Do you know how reassuring it feels to be able to put your project in the capable hands of an organisation that will take care of everything? Every single detail is taken care of; every i dotted and every t crossed!
- Katja Torbijn, gemeente Amsterdam -
Allganized organises events without us having to worry about a thing: their teams only need a word to completely understand the assignment, take care of everything in detail, and even come up with solutions to problems I hadn’t even thought of.
- Chantal Breen, Landal Greenparks -
Our cooperation wit hAllganized has been an amazing success since day 1! Their flawless communication and motivated teams seamlessly respond to requests and changes to the plan. The perfect hosts and hostesses.


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As an organisation bureau, we have had the good fortune to work for a very diverse selection of companies and government agencies, and we are quite proud of that!

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